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Zapraszamy do nowo otwartego punktu sprzedaży dekoderów na Hendon w północno-zachodnim LONDYNIE NW4 1BN 020-8959-2064, 077-7963-1401

Call Out
We operate in the Greater London area. We endeavour to get to you on the same day. If this is not feasible then we will do our best to solve your issues using remote access or on the phone.
If we have to travel then our call out fee will be affected by the distance. The additional charge will be added during the initial pricing of our services.
Bespoke Databases
Nowadays, the process of creating good software is extremely time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, our strategy consists of developing derivations of our own exisiting product range, searching for the differences between the existing functionality and the specifications provided by the customer and then tailoring the chosen product to fit perfectly with the needs of the client.

Hosting Databases
We accept orders hosting two types of databases:
- Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Remote Help


TwojeKorzysci2  Dobrze wiesz, ze prowadzić swoją firmę nie jest łatwo, zwłaszcza gdy musisz wcielać się w tak wiele różnych ról. 

Wirtualny Sekretariat daje Ci nastepujące korzyści:

• masz gwarancję odebrania każdego połączenia
• możesz być chwilowo niedostępny, wyjechać na wakacje, a nie utracisz potencjalnych klientów
• nie musisz wynajmować biura i zatrudniać pracownikow
• nie musisz inwestować w wyposażenie
• zero kłopotów związanych z zarządzeniem, jak urlopy, zwolnienia lekarskie, itp..
• zero kłopotów z podwyżkami płac, składkami na ubezpieczenie społeczne, itd..
• oferujemy profesjonalnych i doświadczonych konsultantow, którzy dbają o to, w jaki sposób Twój klient zostanie przywitany
• elastyczne pakiety cenowe dostosowane do możliwości i potrzeb Twojego biznesu
• natychmiastowe przekazywanie wyników rozmów poprzez zapis informacji w Panelu Klienta / sms

Kreatywna strona Twojej osobowości ożywa gdy ktoś odciąża Cię w administracyjnych obowiązkach.

Data Recovery
Data loss is a painful loss and can be incredibly damaging to a business; often the data is more valuable than the hardware on which it is stored. So, what if your data is lost?
First of all, turn off the computer as soon as possible. Just pull the plug from the outlet. If you are reading this article on the computer where you have lost data, write down the phone number 077 8352 4096 and turn off the computer. Why do this? Because while the computer is on, applications and OS are running on the disk where the data is stored, and this leads to overwriting of the disk sectors, which is where your lost data is; you will overwrite your lost data and then it cannot be restored.
Web Design
Creating a good website is a difficult and long process. It requires patience and a systematic work ethic in order to achieve the desired result.
1. Choosing a domain name.
What is a domain name? It is basically the bold part of the full address, which we can see in the address bar of the browser, for example: First, we have to decide what domain name you want? This part is very important because you're going to use it as an e-mail address, on business cards, in advertising or on a letterhead. The domain name should be easy to remember and easy to spell on the telephone to potential clients.
2. Web space (hosting).
You have to buy web space from the owner of a web server that is operational around the clock, 365 days a year, and is connected to a high speed internet connection, which today means at least 100 Mbits per second. Otherwise your website will be slow and eventually is going to discourage potential internet users and clients.
3. Choice of technology.
A web page can be written in many different programs. Even in such easy-to-use programs as Word or notepad. However, one has to remember that it is necessary to update it regularly: post new pictures, change some text or add extra. That is why it is crucial to choose programs that allow you to make easy changes straight away.
4. Format.
You need to decide what type of background, subtitle colour and menu type (animation) you want. Should the web page have one column or two or maybe even three? Should the side menu be on the right or left side, and so on. View examples.
5. Choice of functional modules.
The number of additional modules that can enhance the web page is only limited by the creative inventiveness of the webmaster. Typically, the following modules are available:
Displays statistical information: about the server, PHP, MySQL, the number of articles, the number of addresses in the web directory.
Who's Online
Displays the number of anonymous guests, as well as logged-in users that are currently connected to the site.
Displays information about the 'Webmaster' which is the author of the site and company responsible for maintaining the page. As well as other important news and informations.
Random Image
Displays images randomly selected from a special directory.
Displays a search box that allows you to search your site (Web Pages).
RSS Feed
Displays the message headings from the specified address in the channel (another site), for example you can display on your site exchange rates directly from the NBP.
Related Articles
Displays links to related topics currently viewed. The basis of the choice are the 'key words'. The module displays links to articles where at least one keyword has been assigned, which is described in an article review.
Displays the floating frame of any other page or website with all of its interface, or custom, independent of the Joomla! application. It is not supported in the usual manner such as dHTML site, the gallery directory.
Displays the login form, and links to pages: Remember the name, New Password, Register.
Custom HTML
Allows you to create your own module formulated by a HTML code.
Displays a menu.
An element that shows few or more images or content that is constantly changing, and you can choose from, for example advertisements from a main page of website or
Most Read Content. Displays a list of links to frequently viewed articles.
Latest News
Displays a list of links to the content that was last amended and created.
Display the selected text or banner ads from a set from the database.
You can contact and send messages to the very popular website
Displays a list of links to the articles section, connecting with the websites such as review article in the section.
Shows the level of immersion in the current position in the menu structure.
Displays the survey form, and links to preview the results and other surveys (probes).
6. Choice of e-mail address.
To contact visitors that visit your site. I don't recommend using addresses from free servers like googlemail as it looks like you don't have enough money for a proper domain name.
7. Layout of Web Pages.
The items on the menu, layout and substantive content. We have to decide if we want the menu to be at the top or on the side of the page. How big should the logo be? How many columns do we want on our page (similarly when we read our favourite newspaper or internet portal: they all have one or more columns)? Should we have an animation or a movie clip? It all depends on our imagination, as modern tools make it all possible and very easily to realise.
8. Texts on the page.
This issue is extremely important. Why do we need a website that nobody knows! Search engines are simple machines and tools, such as ordinary as simple hammer. If you do not write much about your business or the area of expertise, that you know a lot, your website is going to be lost in many hundreds of millions of other websites, that the authors limit themselves to:
- Home
- About Us
- Services
- Contact
Today it is not enough to just have several lines of text on a page and a "flying bird". Search engine robots that constantly probe the Internet resources (approximately every two weeks on the specific page) must come from somewhere to read the contents page (which keywords we use on our website) and compared to words that people enter into For example "Computer help london. The ideal is to be on the first position in the search results.
9. Photos for a page.
Photos for our web page have be sharp, clear and not to big, so any internet user can easily download them for his/her computer or cell phone.
10. Graphic logo.
Company logo. Playboy's bunny, Macintosh 's apple or Microsoft's Windows window – these logos are so well known that you don't need any signs to recognize them. You also should try to achieve such goal.
11 Site Map.
Site map is very important for each site. It informs both user and search engines with content having the logical division similarly, as a table of contents at the beginning of each book.
12. Application pages to search engines.
Such as google, bing, yahoo, ask, sprint etc.
13. Analysis of the competing websites.
The best way to find out why other sites are high in search engines is their analysis. We look at this feature as well as hidden ones. Above all, elements such as:
- Title page
- Keywords
- Structure headlines
- Quality of text
- External links that lead down to the page.
14. Positioning.
Positioning is a very broad field of knowledge about the search engines such as google etc. Today it is seen as an art; how else can you describe the big race to get your website on the 'first page of google'?
15. Web page backup.
Customer System Management is that kind of website that allows you to make changes on it without knowledge of specific programming codes. You just need to log on to a special panel and you can do any changes on your own.

 - Sharing Internet connection on multiple computers,
 - VPNs (Virtual Private Network),
 - Installation of Internet routers,
 - Installation and configuration swith'y,
 - Network cabling,
 - Sharing printers and network drives.
We as a stationary remote administration of servers, Microsoft Windows.
- Windows 2000
- Windows 2003
- Windows Server 2003 R2
- Windows 2008
- Windows 2008 R2
- Windows 2012
- Windows 2012 R2
We are specilise in services such as:
- IIS (Internet Information Services) Web server and applications.
- Ftp server.
- Terminal Services server.
- Apache.
- Database servers:
Ms SQL Server

- Sharepoint Services.
We are also hosting these services on our servers.

About Us
We are Computer and IT Services company in London.
Our engineers will endeavor to make it all the problems were solved on site at the customer's notification (office, home , etc ) to make you happy with us and using either of our services also przyszszłości . And if the failure is extremely complex and can be solved by a phone call , we also free of charge for you . Applications are mostly implemented within 6 hours. For your working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , regardless of holidays. Access 7 days a week to the client. For
details, see price list.

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